Who We Are


Is an integrated notion of b2b marketing services specializing in FMCG sector of food products; committed to finding channels and offering solutions to our partners. with Artificial Intelligence & ERP system covering b2b trading issues including market situation, future speculations, customer budgeting, e-commerce, and delivery services.

Hunters has 3 arms, raw materials, called khmaat. machinery, called Bakertechs. Meals by home chefs to clients, called SheChef.


the first digital auction marketplace specialized in trading food processing machines & production lines. 

It allows the buyer to browse and search at ease among variety of machines until the buyer find what he is looking for within his budget.


online bulk store platform for food raw materials from merchants; It offers ingredients that are used by chefs; now you can place products, sell goods and make profit with simple buttons.


online platform connects talented chefs at home with clients to provide them with fresh and healthy food. We support home chefs to sell delicious meals made by their own hands in their neighborhood or region through trusted platform by providing marketing, delivery, customer service, and packaging services. 

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